Efficiency Lab | Interactive Content Developer | Asheville, NC
(June 2016 - August 2017, March 2018 - August 2018)

  • Prototyped applications for the HoloLens to visualize data and enhance efficiency in the electrical power sector.
  • Co-created an immersive AR shooter-like game. Published on the HoloLens app store, see Exterminate project.
  • Co-created a complex mobile AR game for Android and iOS. Published on app stores, see Lofty Kingdom project.

UNC SEDS | Technical Mentor
(September 2017 - Present)

  • Teach club members to code via series of technical projects: robotic rover, DIY drones, VR experience, etc.
  • Project lead for development of upcoming space-themed cinematic VR experience. Inspired by ‘Wanderers’ short film.
  • Originally selected via competitive interview process, re-elected by popular vote.

FIRST Tech Challenge | High School Robotics Team | #7300 Ashebots
(August 2012 - August 2017)

  • Collaborated with teammates to develop award-winning autonomous programs.
  • Lead Programmer for last two years as student. Advanced to the World Championships in 2016.
  • Mentored team for one year after graduation. Volunteered in key technical positions at championships in 2017.


Lofty Kingdom

Complex mobile AR game featuring memory puzzles, empire building, branching storylines, economic strategy, and more. (Efficiency Lab)

Sick Place

Web app for real-time tracking of concentrations of sickness in communities via crowdsourced reports (HackNC 2017)


Immersive AR shooter-like game for the HoloLens (Efficiency Lab)

Inside the Giant

Horror game about AI in space (6 day game jam w/ friend)

Recent Posts

Unity’s new Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) is great for games and applications targetting platforms where performance is critical, such as mobile devices. Unfortunately, as of writing, it does not support Unity’s mobile augmented reality stack (AR Foundation). Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to extend the LWRP to get it working.